“Through mating I can have time off.  I have been farming 9 years - last year and this year are the only seasons I have been able to have time off" 

Dean Veldsman 367 Cows

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More Days in Milk, Fewer Empties, Tighter Calving Periods, More AB Replacements, More Voluntary Culls

FlashMate® delivers extra profit to dairy and beef farming operations with a single-use, low-cost, disposable electronic device

•Alerts multiple heats with 90% sensitivity and 94% specificity
•Significantly higher retention than any other visual heat detector on market
•Significantly higher conception rate due to more accurate identification of standing heat

DairyNZ calculate that taking a 400-cow farm from average to industry target performance delivers $28,000 in profits plus additional benefits.

FlashMate® has the power to take farms beyond the industry target without the hard work and skill.  Farmers simply breed on the red flashing light to achieve a top 10% result, assuming other factors are adequately managed.

The patented technology has been optimised for pastoral systems in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.  More information can be found by watching the video below.